Appointment for an Aperitif in Prati


Aperitif, in Latin is “Aperire“: to open, begin, to start a meal… tantalize the appetite. Based on this idea we’ve created the Aperitif hour at La Zanzara: to open one’s senses for dinner, with small samples of the dishes you’ll always find in our kitchen, the bistro’s strong point.

And it’s for this very reason that we’ve decided not to take any bookings and to dedicate the appetizer time from 6:30 p.m. to 8:30 p.m.

The aperitif hour at La Zanzara is characterized by a lot of little tasters that our gastronomical cuisine churns out, in finger food version and served at the tables. Where you only pay for what you drink.

Every day, from 6:30 p.m. to 8:30 p.m., La Zanzara is full of smiles, cheers, friends and company. A moment worth looking into if you want to relax and enjoy an aperitif in Prati.

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An Aperitif amongst Glasses of Wine and Cocktails

One of the fundamental elements of aperitifs at La Zanzara is definitely the by-the-glass special. Wine, beer or cocktail lovers will not be disappointed.

  • 21 types of wine by the glass: 7 Italian and French bubblies, 7 red labels and 7 white that can be ordered by the glass. A total of 21 bottles to choose from the counter, that change weekly, to keep your palate in training…
  • A list of 21 Cocktails on our menu, from the most popular to those created by our barlady, Cristiana Brunetti, and the rest of the crew at the Counter. And of course nonalcoholic cocktails.
  • Craft beers, both in bottle and on tap chosen by Kuaska, an absolute reference point in the world of Beer!
  • We’ve got quite a few labels on our wine list, whether they be national or international, small producers or organic wines.

In a nutshell? You have a great drink, you order what you want and you pay for what you drink.


The Cuisine’s appetizers

All drinks ordered between 6:30 p.m. and 8:30 p.m. come with finger food version appetizers, directly from the Kitchen and the Gastronomy.
Watchword: express dishes.
Objective: to tantalize our guest’s palate and imagination.
Every night, lots of surprises. Here’s a few dishes you can try, served at the table by our waiters and waitresses:

  • Stuffed Focaccia
  • Canapé with Cheese Mousse
  • Mixed fried vegetables
  • Fried little squids
  • Fried chicken nuggets with BBQ Sauce
  • Fried Tuna Nuggets in Citrus Sauce

  • Mini Meatballs in Mashed Potatoes
  • Risotto tasters with Salmon or Mushroom
  • Carbonara Potato Dumplings
  • Salmon Gateau
  • Fried rice balls
  • Fried Panzerotto
  • Various Velvet Vegetable soups

No Buffet and goodbye Happy Hour.

And finally, in case you have any doubts, here’s what La Zanzara doesn’t have during Aperitif hour.

La Zanzara doesn’t like the Buffet Aperitif. Because it doesn’t like warm food served cold. Because it loves details. Because an aperitif is the prelude to dinner and not the dinner itself. Because our Aperitif is express.

La Zanzara doesn’t like the Happy Hour philosophy. Because Happy Hour means a period of time in which drinks are offered at a reduced price. Because La Zanzara loves good drinking. Because La Zanzara prefers Quality over Quantity.

An Aperitif at La Zanzara, a prelude to dinner.

… because after 8:30 p.m. the curtain rises on the kitchen and our Chef’s dishes!

Now all you need to do is come visit us!